Introducing Gus


This is Gus. He is our 80 pound Alaskan Malamute. We adopted Gus from Keshet Kennels in December of 2015. Back then he was Sir Harry, we have since re-named him Sir Angus, but we call him Gus. He has also been nicknamed Grumpy Gus on occasion to go with his bossy/grumpy attitude. 🙂

Gus has great energy! He is always making us laugh. He has a HUGE personality and talks a lot. A lot of his talking sounds like grumbles or growls but we have learned he is just very expressive. Although in the beginning he was not as relaxed as he is now (which is where his Grumpy Gus tag came from). He had a lot of rules about who, how and when you could touch him. With a lot of constant love he has relaxed into a very loving affectionate dog, with us anyway.

Gus is super curious! This is probably my favourite thing about him. He is always checking out new things, sniffing everything and if he doesn’t know what it is or what it does he bats it around, hits it with his paw or his nose until he is satisfied with whatever it is for. It’s so funny to watch him explore.

He takes his pack very seriously, if one of us is gone for any length of time we get a huge greeting when we return, lots of hugs, kisses and a lot talking, sometimes I think he is yelling at us for being gone so long! He’s always within sight of us, he doesn’t like to lay right beside us as we are very busy people and always moving around, so he lays in low traffic areas to ensure he is not disturbed during one of his MANY naps.

Gus & “Friends”

Gus does not like other dogs, he does not share his toys and does not play. He is a total boss. When we’re walking down the street he doesn’t seek out other dogs to go at, he usually walks by fairly calmly and ignores them, but Gus has a definite personal space around him and dare another dog enter it Gus will not back down. He is ok on walks WITH dogs, we practice going for walks with Sasha a lot and Gus walks really well. Every so often they might even come face to face for a short sniff! But I doubt Gus will ever play with dogs.

Gus loves the people friends! Anytime we have guests Gus always greets them with a smile. He definitely is a ladies man. He woos the ladies with his charm and lets them compliment and pet him, but with the men it’s different. I can see it in his eyes, he picks the one he is going to challenge. We continue to work on it, but I find it so interesting he is such a stud!

Overall Gus is a pretty cool dog. We love him to bits and take him everywhere. He smiles often and naps in the shade a lot! People laugh when we say he is smiling, but once you witness it you’ll see he is definitely smiling!

We hope you enjoy the adventures of grumpy Gus!