Gus Looking for Trouble

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, when Gus gets bored he walks around and hits things with his foot, basically has a tantrum. Well on this particular day we were at Dusty and Laurie’s, Gus and I had just gotten there. We came in and Gus walked around and sniffed everyone, said hello. Connor and Dusty were playing video games so Gus couldn’t get over to Dusty to say hi, and Dusty was ignoring him and playing the game.

This is when Gus made the bold decision (he’s never done this before) to get up on the couch! He walked over to the side of the couch and put his paw up on the cushion, then looked at me. Laurie and I looked at him wondering what his next move was and he just popped up on the couch! He walked over behind Dusty and plopped down on the couch, which is the closest he has ever sat to someone.

The look on his face was pure trouble, he had the ‘crazy eyes’. I think he was trying to challenge Dusty. Gus was looking at him like “Hey I dare you to try and move me” but with a huge devious grin on his face! It was hilarious.

I ended up going over and getting Gus down, he grumbled about it then went and laid down on the floor.


Hey guys, what’s up?!
Hey Dusty, I dare you to move me



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