Gus vs the Trampoline

Today we went to visit my friend Michelle. She has a huge fenced yard so Gus had a great time running around! Although I think he mostly enjoyed eating all the rabbit poops!

Michelle’s little boy Edward came out to meet Gus. Edward is just 3 and this was Gus’s first toddler encounter!

Gus was very gentle with Edward and was following him around watching everything he did. Gus patiently waited for Edward to throw the ball for him, and while it only  went 3 feet he was excited to play. Edward tried to give him some treats but Gus wasn’t sure how to go about eating the treat from Edwards tiny fingers so he waited til it dropped on the ground for him. It was very sweet! And so nice to see a gentle side to him. Gus was even a little adventurous and got up on the trampoline with us! He was not a fan but it’s always good to try new things 🙂

Lost his ball under the deck. “leave no ball behind!”


Trying a little bounce



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