Gus Does Not Share

A story of Gus (not) making friends.

Pictured below is Hektor. Hektor is just 2 years old and loves to play with dogs.


He’s pretty cute too. DSCN1223

But Gus (4 yrs old) is not a fan of playing with dogs. Here he is watching the dogs play at the dog park as he is not allowed to join.

Wish I could go to the dog park… I’d show them who’s boss

Gus and  Hektor’s visit went pretty much as I expected… Gus being bossy and Hektor hiding. I always put up a divider to keep both sides safe, which Gus responds well to and respects. You may have seen in other posts the barrier between Sasha and Gus at my parents house. Don’t feel bad for him that he’s blocked off from the fun, I think he prefers the less chaotic choice, he never fusses about it.

At my house most of the time Gus is on the bigger side of the room that leads into the kitchen as you can see in the picture below. He knows this is his side, when other dogs or babies come over they get the smaller side (which is also the couch seating side so makes sense the people would take that side!)

During our visit with Hektor we switched sides so Hektor could go outside for a bit (which is through the kitchen). When he came back in Gus was content on the smaller side of the room because we were snacking, sure he wants to sit and watch us all eat, therefore Hektor got to explore the bigger side of the room for a bit.

Once Gus noticed Hektor on ‘his’ side of the room he watched very closely. I know he would never jump the barrier but I was curious what he would think of being on this side of room. Well he was not happy, Hektor got to try out Gus’s food and his toys and Gus was very vocal/snarly about his disapproval.

After a walk everyone went back to their ‘assigned’ sides and lived somewhat happily ever after.

Here is Gus loving on all his toys after Hektor left.

My toys! I do not share!

And his food….

My food too! No sharing!

Finally relaxing after our visitors had gone. No friends for Gus today.

Finally I can relax!

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