Gus the Stud

So I had a girls night and Gus was a total stud! He was totally hitting on all the ladies! He would sit right in front of them and allow them to pet him, any time they stopped he would paw at them, and I know lots of dogs and Malamutes specifically do this but Gus does not. I have rarely seen him do this to people, he normally just sleeps when people come over and has no interest in large groups. But this was a group of ladies and he put on quite the show for them, best behaviour, strutting around, smiling at them! It was hilarious to watch.


Let me know when the ladies arrive.


Here he is with Laurie, one of his favourite girls!!!

Hi Laurie, pet me

After ladies night this was hilarious to wake up to. Really good stretches happening this morning!

Yep, right there, that’s a good stretch!

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