The Squirrel Encounter

Today on our walk down the trail there were 2 black squirrels, they were totally teasing Gus! Now Gus is not one to completely take off after a squirrel, he tends to freeze, ears straight up and watches for the opportune moment.



First they ran up one side of the path chasing each other, then they did a death defying leap across the path right over top of Gus! They leaped from one tree branch to the next all four legs reaching as far as they could, any mistake would have landed them right at our feet. The first squirrel made it across and ran down the tree, seating himself on a log staring right at us. Then his little friend followed ….



Now they are over on the fence yelling at us. DSCN0725

Here comes squirrel #2DSCN0726DSCN0727DSCN0728DSCN0729


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