Our First Christmas

We’ve only had Gus for 3 weeks now so we are still getting to know him and his preferences. We weren’t sure how he would feel about all the people at Christmas. He is fairly particular and has some of his own rules…

  1. Only one person can pet him at a time.
  2. He must be able to see you.
  3. You may only use one hand.
  4. You should remain standing.
  5. You can only pet the top of his head.

We’re pretty sure this has to do with his ‘alpha-tism’ so while we are working on it, we wanted him to enjoy meeting new people and not push him too much.

Christmas morning we were at my mother-in-laws and while there were only 6 of us (all adults) we quickly discovered Gus is not a fan of crowds. In the morning during all the excitement of opening gifts Gus came down the hall, looked at us with his furrowed brow and turned back around, we didn’t see him again til lunch.

After lunch we went to my mom and dads. This would be a little bit more hectic, there would be 9 adults and 1 baby and another dog. We got there before my brother and his family to try and introduce Sasha and Gus before the baby came into the mix.

We attempting a short introduction with the dogs, which didn’t go well, so up went the gate of separation. It was fairly easy to separate them at my parents and Gus was happy. He hung out in the lobby, family and downstairs, while Sasha was upstairs. It’s an open concept entry way so we can see Gus he can see us but Sasha can’t get to him and bug him. 🙂 Sasha just wants to play but Gus is not a fan of playing. So the gate at the top of the stairs and the 4 steps down to the entry way was enough space to keep both dogs safe and happy.

After dinner and gifts we switched and let Gus come upstairs and Sasha down in the family room with the boys doing the annual Wii golf tournament. Gus did well with the 5 women and happily slept most of the evening.

Everyone had a great Christmas.  We were so happy to adopt Gus just in time for Christmas.

testing out his new bed
Dodge and Gus


Gus during our Christmas morning gift opening. “I’ll be in the hall guys! Leave me alone!”
Going for a walk in-between house visits


Say cheese! Sporting his Christmas jingle bells.
Was that a squirrel!
King of the woods


chillin’ in the lobby
Merry Christmas! Love Gus
Showing off his wolf howling skills



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