Adoption Finalized!

The perfect Christmas gift!

We tried to set up a home visit but being the holidays and everyone having different schedules for visiting family it was difficult to find a time that us and Deb, from the Kennel, could arrange to do a home visit. Lucky for us they really liked us and said they believed Harry would be well taken care of. December 23rd Deb sent us the paperwork and we signed and sent it back, payment processed  Christmas Eve and Harry was officially ours! Best. Day. Ever.

While everyone at the kennel was happy Harry was adopted they didn’t really get to say bye to him since we never went back to do the paperwork it was all over e-mail. I felt bad, I know if it were the other way around I would be sad if I didn’t know that was the last time I would see a dog I had been caring for! So I assured her I would bring Harry back for everyone to say a good-bye. We ended up booking him to stay overnight at the kennel for New Years. We wanted to host a party but knew it probably wouldn’t go over well having Gus meet all our friends for the first time during a loud New Years party. The kennel was happy to have him and he was happy to visit again. It’s nice to know we have a safe and happy place where people know him that we can leave him for overnights when necessary. IMG_2929IMG_2952



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