The First Meeting

We pulled up to Keshet Kennels and Debbie (the owner), met us out front. She was very nice and took us on a tour of the kennel on our way to meet Sir Harry.

The grounds were huge! Lots of big fenced yards with lots of trees and the indoor pens had been opened up to accommodate larger dogs. They had a big dome in the back for agility training and a few trails in the wooded area. Looked like a very well cared for place.

Debbie brought us to Sir Harry’s pen. We waited in the outdoor fenced side of his pen while she went in to open the door. Sir Harry came out gave a little hello sniff and then continued sniffing around the fenced area. We stood in there chatting with Debbie for a bit before taking him on leash to one of the smaller empty yards.

We talked about Harry’s personality and our lifestyle. She explained the adoption process and what would be expected from us.

It was quite the process and not what we expected. There were multiple steps before we would be able to take Sir Harry home.

  1. Fill out adoption application
  2. Meet with Debbie and introduce Sir Harry
  3. Visit on our own with Sir Harry on the premises
  4. Take Sir Harry for a car ride and walk off the property
  5. Take Sir Harry home for the day
  6. Pick up Sir Harry to take home for a night
  7. Have Sir Harry for a week at our house.
  8. Home visit from Debbie
  9. Fill out final adoption paperwork

Plus after each visit we either wrote a short report on how the visit went or had a phone call to discuss.

Despite all the steps we were still enthusiastically interested in adopting Harry and willing to go through all the steps they had in place. We stayed about an hour chatting with Debbie and playing with Sir Harry. He started out just walking around on his own but once he realized we had treats he was very interested in us. He would walk around sniffing things but would always return to sit in front of us in hopes for another cookie.

On our way home we excitedly discussed if he might be our Gus.


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