Finding Gus

Finding Gus did not go as we had originally planned.

We were planning on finding a reputable breeder and getting him as a puppy. After contacting a few breeders and getting little to no response I started to look more at adopting.

We have always planned to adopt dogs later on, but we wanted to get our first dog as a pup and do all the training ourselves and experience the love of a tiny fluff ball.

I continued to search different online shelters, rescues, kennels etc… I found to be the best place to search because they include all registered shelters/kennels with animals up for adoption in your area, which is how I found Keshet Kennels/Rescue.

And there he was.

He was then known as Sir Harry, named by his previous family.

As I read the description of Sir Harry I came to love him! He was described as a playful, affectionate, people orientated dog. He gets pretty chatty and vocal at times. He is not a submissive dog, and although he does not look for trouble he will not back down if confronted. They had also posted a video to show how great his manners are. That was it, I was sold.

On October 16 2015 I contacted them about Sir Harry and after filling the adoption application we set up a meeting.


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